At Mir IT Consulting we pride ourselves in providing timely quality support to our clients.
Mir IT Consulting can help you locate and evaluate third-party specialists to provide level 1, level 2 and even level 3 support. This will free your in-house IT staff to concentrate on system planning, operations, and other responsibilities which are more suited to their level of professional expertise.
We are a full-service Information Technology solutions provider of highly reliable and powerful solutions and services ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individuals. We are a certified Microsoft Solution provider, servicing the IT industry for more than 2 decades.
Mir IT Consulting is the outsourced IT partner for businesses because we understand the technology that maximizes employee productivity, optimizes network security and reliability, and drives the success of a business.

We have the IT resources you need, when you need them.

We provide consistent, high-quality support for the technology powering businesses with one or multiple locations.